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When comparing quotes, consider the following:

What's included in the pricing such as the finishing touches? Does the quote cover hardwood floors, tile or laminate, granite counters or laminate, or landscaping?

What square footage is included? Was the basement included, a deck or a garage in the total price?

What is the quality of the product(s) such as windows, cabinetry, granite, flooring. Prices can range dramatically.

Quality workmanship isn't cheap. The old saying "you get what you pay for" bears some thought. Just because the overall price is the cheapest quote doesn't necessarily mean in the end that the original quote will stay the same.

Your personal choices have a huge impact on the cost per square foot. Kitchens & bathrooms tend to be at an increased cost per square foot due to the finishes chosen. Most contractors include allowances for common selections such as flooring & fixtures. Any upgrades would be considered an extra cost.

Cost is driven by design. Sophisticated roof lines, grand entryways, vaulted ceilings are associated with an increased cost to an overall budget. More angles in a foundation increase the cost in materials and labour.

The type of home you build impacts costs. A wider and deeper one-story home will cost more than a two story home with the identical square footage.

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